Purpose of the Moon EP

by Akaitsuki

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EP recorded in L.A. Solo Piano, long story driven song, fast heavy tremolo picking and a minor key tonality.


released April 20, 2011

Edison - Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Synth, Lyrics
David - Guitars
Luke Denney - Drums
Esteban Bedolla - Bass (Magic Spell, Mountain Spirit)
Benn Bennet - Bass (Why, Unspoken Dreams)




Akaitsuki Los Angeles, California

Founded by Edison in Los Angeles, CA

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Track Name: Why
Why do I fall
When the wheels spin on my whim
Shallow as the graves roll by
Into my eternal sin

I let the darkness take her hold
Instead of letting it fly by
Trapped in circles of regret
Devastation till I die

When I never seen my lonely grave
For the time was never right
So today
I will never fall I will see it through
the insanity which has forsaken you

When I see it through
The light begins to shine
Another place another time
Where I'm free to lie

So why I choose to fall
I never know for sure
Just afraid to become one
Myself a blackened sun
Track Name: Mountain Spirit
I awoke that day
the snow fresh upon my face
the stories told of a creature fair
our mountain side was her noble lair

we ventured on into the wood
the blizzard heavy against our foot
until at last the beast was found
her piercing gaze, and her silent sound

there we stood alone
my iron ball it pierced her bones
and there she lay
forever cursed that day

Then I woke again inside the throne
deciding to journey on alone
the creatures hunted one by one
their anger fueled by their dying sun

there they chased me to the peak
relentless fury buried deep
spread my arms wished to die
fell back against the sky

when i came too,my body seared from the fall
i had an urge, the faintest call
i wandered round the base, the only place i ever known
searching for my solitude, looking for my home

"then i looked around
my home could not be found
replaced by the towers of humanity
the plague grows from the mountains feet
the fear inside of me grew deep
and so i ran
and so i ran"

there i spread my arms
let the wings unfold
there i flew
there i became..
Track Name: Passage
Track Name: Magic Spell
Upon this Cursed grave we fall
Forever void of light
Our loved ones die never reborn
So is our endless plight

For we're never free forever
We only see whats now
It's only in our minds we ponder
A lovely place anew

The mortal ones must fall
Where eternal beings live
Forever they are with their love
Forever with their kin

But we are the chosen ones
For we fail to see
The Endless pain which banish them
From the mind to see

Release the light
Find what is right
Never can tell
This magic Spell
Track Name: Unspoken Dreams
Over these roads I wander
Approaching faster as I see
And when you take me over
You never believe in me

It was just a Dream
A foolish one it seems

But these dreams
They aren't just a memory
In the black holes in my eyes
Is where they choose, to reside

There they see, There they run
There they feed, on the sun
There they live, there they play
There they choose to hide away

But I... Say...
When I'm Around
You never see..